“Hunting dogs” with good benefits It comes with a spicy taste that makes the tip of your tongue numb.

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During this period, besides the Thai food trend Thai desserts from Mae Ying Karaket From the drama Buppesanniwat, Thai food will be talked about. and stop by to try it out It’s fun to try traditional Thai food. A little bit ago, we saw the popularity of a type of food that wasn’t just a plate. As we are familiar with But it is talking about a type of spicy that tastes so hot that you feel numbness on the tip of your tongue. But many people are so addicted that they have to wipe off their sweat, eat and drink many more gulps of water.

"Hunting dogs" with good benefits It comes with a spicy taste that makes the tip of your tongue numb.

We are talking about “mala” that appears on various menus. Whether it’s a sauce that is applied to meat and vegetables before being grilled on skewers like barbecue sauce. or mala soup in a Chinese style shabu restaurant It’s a dark red color with chilli oil that makes your tongue sting just from the sight. Let’s get to know hunting dogs a little better.

What is a hunting dog?

Mala is a spicy spice that originates from Sichuan Province, China, our Thai brethren. Anyone who thinks Chinese people don’t eat spicy food might want to think again. Because of the Sichuan people Is someone who can truly eat spicy food. It’s a deep spiciness. And it’s a new type that doesn’t come close to the spicy taste of our home chili peppers. A short and simple explanation is that mala is a spice that gives flavor. It can be said to be “so spicy that your tongue is numb” . The สมัคร ufabet word “ma” means numbness at the tip of the tongue. While the word “la” means spicy taste (this is the exact translation).

The ingredient that gives Mala a taste so spicy that it can make your tongue numb is a spice called Hua Jiao or Sichuan pepper. The shape is similar to black pepper. This chili is the main flavor of Mala.

How to cook Mala

Mala can be used to cook many types of food. Whether it’s boiled, stir-fried, curry, fried, and grilled, we like to eat in Thailand. is to make a moist sauce. On grilled food skewers such as pork, chicken, shrimp, bacon, mushrooms, okra, etc., and as an ingredient in mala soup in shabu restaurants. or Chinese style sukiyaki As for other methods is to stir fry with meat And stir fry until the mahla is slightly dry. Or eat it boiled. Chinese people in Beijing place meat in cooked mala soup before eating. But Sichuan people will boil the meat first. Then cook the mala soup later.

Benefits of hunting dogs

In fact, it should be said that it is more beneficial to Hua Jiao. The spicy taste of Hua Jiao helps expel gas in the intestines, cures colds, and relieves dizziness. Some people boil it and drink it as a remedy for fever. It also helps with menstruation for women. Personally, the Huajiao seeds themselves It is used as a component of heart tonics. and nourish the blood in Chinese herbal medicine recipes for a long time

Cook food that tastes like hunting dogs. with Thai spices

If you don’t believe, you have to believe. Thai people also have herbs that have the same lineage as Hua Jiao, that is, “Ma Kwaen” is a spice from the north of our country. It looks like small pellets. Similar to black pepper as well. It can be used to cook a variety of foods, similar to how you cook Mala. Make it into a marinade for meat before grilling, baking, frying, or sprinkling it into stir-fry, curry, or boiled dishes, adding spiciness to that dish, similar to Mala.

There are no reports whether this tongue-numbingly spicy taste will harm health when eaten in large amounts or for a long time. However, eating too much spicy food May affect the stomach It may cause the stomach to produce more acid than necessary to digest food. Until causing stomach pain, stomach pain or may cause stomach pain until diarrhea. And of course, it can have long-term negative effects on the digestive system. Therefore, you should eat Mala in moderation. And it’s best to choose a menu that provides a variety of nutrients.