8 ways to cure insomnia That helps you sleep more comfortably.

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Many people may have had problems studying. I’ve been working tired all day. Late at night, I want to get a little more sleep. But I don’t know why at night my eyelids are tight, I can’t sleep, I’m not sleepy, my eyelids are slack like in the morning. Some people want to sleep but can’t sleep. If you continue like this for a long time, you will lose your job and your mental health . If you want to sleep comfortably as before, according to  Health, let’s deal with ” insomnia . ”  But first, we have to look at the causes of insomnia. Let’s talk first about why. Why do we have insomnia?

8 ways to cure insomnia That helps you sleep more comfortably.

Causes of insomnia

  1. Causes of insomnia caused by disease (Medical and Physical Conditions)Some diseases are the cause of insomnia, such as
    • Adjustment Sleep Disorder is a state of insomnia caused by recent stimuli, such as the effects of stress, illness, surgery, loss of a loved one, or work. When these stimuli disappear, Insomnia will return to normal.
    • Jet lag often occurs in patients flying across time zones. This causes the https://ufabet999.app
    • body to change its sleeping time until it cannot adapt. It makes it difficult to sleep.
    • Working Conditions are the result of having to work in shifts. causing the biological clock to be broken to the point of having to sleep at irregular times
    • Medications: insomnia caused by medications or drinks such as nasal decongestants, coffee
  2. Psychological Causes of InsomniaFrom data collection, it is found that most patients with insomnia are caused by symptoms that affect the mind, such as stress and depression . Up to 70 percent of these patients will have symptoms of insomnia that do not return. Main symptoms
  3. Causes of insomnia that include factors that induce insomnia (Precipitating Factors of Transient Insomnia)
    This is usually a temporary thing, such as
    • Some diseases, when born, cause the patient to have insomnia, such as asthma, heart attack, allergies, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, toxic goiter.
    • As a result of changes in the hormone Progesteron, when this hormone increases it will cause sleepiness during ovulation. But during the period when the menstrual period is approaching, there will be less hormones. May cause insomnia. Also, when you girls Being pregnant in the early stages And near the birth there will be insomnia as well. Due to hormonal changes Including the first period of women entering menopause. There will be insomnia as well.
    • Changing sleep time Delayed Sleep-Phase Syndrome is another cause of insomnia, such as when it’s time to sleep but you don’t sleep. Causing the body to be unable to adapt in time
  4. Causes of insomnia that are additional factors (Perpetuating Factors)There are many conditions that make insomnia more likely.
  5. Psychophysiological Insomnia is caused by sleeping early causing insomnia, called Advanced sleep phase Syndrome, causing the person to try to sleep. Restless, tossing and turning, not relaxing until it accumulates and becomes stress. Patients in this group will have a rapid pulse, wake up easily, and their body temperature will be higher than normal.
  6. Insomnia from certain substances such as alcohol, coffee, and drinking coffee Or alcohol during the day and night may cause insomnia. If you don’t count drinking just one sip of alcohol. Or just a little before bed will help reduce stress. Makes you sleep better. But if you drink too much, you won’t be able to sleep for long and wake up easily. When it comes to alcohol deprivation, you will have difficulty falling asleep. Including people who smoke, they sleep for about 3 – 4 hours and then wake up. This is due to reduced levels of Nicotin.
  7. Melatonin levels decrease. Melatonin is mostly found in children and decreases in adults after the age of 60, contributing to difficulty sleeping.
  8. Light factors also contribute to difficulty sleeping. From basic knowledge that light stimulates our body to wake up. Even though the light is dimmed
  9. childhood insomnia Parents giving their children irregular bedtimes will cause the child to have insomnia in adulthood.
  10. Exercise before bed and work that causes stress before bed.
  11. Sleeping and waking up at irregular times
  12. The environment in the bedroom is not suitable, such as a hot temperature. or too cold too loud Including the sleeping characteristics of those close to you, such as sleeping or snoring, etc.

The stages of insomnia are divided into 3 stages:

In addition to the causes that cause patients to have insomnia, The duration of insomnia is also important for further evaluation and treatment. Divided into 3 phases:

  1. Temporary insomnia: Symptoms like this can be found when there is a change in daily life. or change the living environment or Jet Lag symptoms occur
  2. Short-term insomnia: This type of symptom occurs over a period of 2 – 3 days to 3 weeks. It can occur when we are under stress, such as those who are sick after surgery.
  3. Chronic insomnia for months or years: This type of symptom may be the result of medication. have a chronic illness Whether it’s physical or mental, or it happens for unknown reasons.

How does insomnia affect you?

  • Quality of life decreases
  • The rate of absenteeism has increased.
  • Work efficiency decreases
  • Decreased ability to live
  • May easily have an accident. It is reported that if you drive, the chance of having an accident increases by 2.5 times.
  • There is a higher use of medical services. Due to health problems such as headaches, fatigue, sluggishness, feeling unrefreshed, irritable, lack of concentration, etc.
  • insomnia In people who have previously suffered from psychiatric illness There are reports that it may be at risk of recurrence. Including the increased risk of suicide in patients with depression.

After we found out the reason And the effects of insomnia, let’s take a look at some ways to cure insomnia. Let’s try to apply it. So that we can solve the problem of insomnia.

ways to cure insomnia

  1. Arrange the bedroom appropriately for sleeping. Check around the room carefully. Do not allow noise to penetrate. The room temperature should be adjusted appropriately, not too hot or too cold. The most important thing is that the bedroom should be completely dark. for good sleep effective
  2. Avoid beverages that contain caffeine. After afternoon until bedtime
  3. Before going to bed, drinking a glass of warm milk will help you sleep more comfortably.
  4. You should not nap during the day. Because it may disturb your sleep at night. If you’re really sleepy and can’t stand it. Never nap for more than 1 hour.
  5. Get enough sleep Don’t sleep too much. After waking up, you should get out of bed. Then walk to breathe in the morning air.
  6. Go to bed and wake up at the same time. make it a habit It’s not that I slept late tonight. Can I wake up a little late tomorrow? The answer is no, otherwise it might affect your sleep time. Makes insomnia come back again
  7. If you can’t sleep for more than 15-20 minutes, you should get out of bed and find other activities to do, such as listening to music, reading academic or Dhamma books. It should help you feel a little sleepy. Avoid watching television or playing on the computer. because of the light from the screen It will stimulate the brain to be alert.
  8. Exercise regularly At least 30-45 minutes a day, 3-4 days a week. Exercise can help reduce emotional and physical stress. If you exercise in the morning And cold works best. You shouldn’t exercise late at night. or near bedtime Because the body temperature will rise and stimulate the brain to work. It will make it harder for us to sleep.

It’s easy, right? There is no need to buy anything. Or ask for help from anyone Just change ourselves. Knowing this, who is facing the problem of insomnia? Don’t forget to use it and spread the word. Let’s reclaim our happiness in sleeping.