Bellingham reveals why he rejected Swan + Boat and chose Real Madrid

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Jude Bellingham explains decision to turn down Manchester City joining Liverpool And chose to move to Real Madrid at a press conference to introduce him to the White King army yesterday.

          Jude Bellingham insists he cannot turn down the chance to join Real Madrid this summer. and admit that winning the Champions League final The league of the White King army over Liverpool last year was The ‘key factor’ behind his decision to join สมัคร ufabet the Spanish giants

Bellingham reveals why he rejected Swan + Boat and chose Real Madrid

          The 19-year-old has already moved to Madrid. The Spanish club have agreed a €133.9m (£114.5m) fee with Borussia Dortmund amid interest from Manchester City and Liverpool , who have both Trying hard to sign for England this summer But Bellingham is adamant that Madrid is his preferred destination.

 “First of all Money is not important to me,” Bellingham said at his Madrid debut yesterday (Thursday June 15, 2023). I never and never will. I play football purely out of love. With Borussia Dortmund ‘s permission , I spoketo Youni (Calafat, Madrid’s chief scout), I spoke to Jose Angel (Sanchez C. Madrid’s EO) and I like the feeling I get from the club. I can’t hide it ′ ′ I immediately told them how I felt about the club. After I’ve decided I want everything to happen quickly ′′ ′′ It’s not that other teams are bad or they are bad. It’s just for me Madrid is the best.”

          Bellingham also revealed that a secret meeting with Madrid’s recruitment team was the moment he knew he was heading to La Liga. “I think the exact moment is hard to say. I have a meeting where they come to my house. And to be honest I’m excited. But I don’t remember when,” Bellingham said. while saying that last year’s Champions League final victory was ‘Key factor’ in his decision “That was the moment that for me it was clear. You always admire the club Watching them win the Champions League, I was in the final when they beat Liverpool. That’s another important factor. But there were many things that led to my decision to join this club.

 Bellingham also said he was keen to get out of his comfort zone. It’s his [safe space], which is why he turned down the chance to play in the Premier League. Everyone wanted me to come back to England and play for their team. which I appreciate,” Bellingham said. “But I like the idea that out of comfort zone Perhaps it was an easier choice to return to the UK. my home country To live there and play in the Premier League, but I really can’t say no to Real Madrid, the club is huge. It felt like the right move for me ′ ′ Like I said before. It’s not because other clubs are bad. but because Real Madrid is where I want to go.”

          Bellingham also faces questions about England team-mate Harry Kane. During his debut with Real Madrid ′′ As for the Harry Kane rumors, I can’t comment on that. He is a world class player. He is the captain of my national team. And I love him both as a player and as a person,” Bellingham explains. “Whatever happens It’s not something for me to comment on.