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Aflatoxin causes liver cancer It’s not just in nuts.

Many people probably know that A fungus called “Aflatoxin” is found in large amounts in peanuts. When storing peanuts in a container or inappropriate environment It will cause the beans to become moldy. which we may not see But when we cook food with insufficient heat It can be a cause of liver disease

4 Thai spices Helps reduce cholesterol

4 Thai spices Helps reduce cholesterol

What Thai spices add flavor to food? It also helps reduce cholesterol in the body. Cholesterol is the cause of many serious diseases, including coronary artery disease, obesity, fat that clogs the arteries, fatty liver, and others. Therefore, reducing cholesterol is one of the best ways

Rudy Garcia

Napoli appoint Garcia as replacement for Spalletti

Napoli’s wait for a new manager is over. Announcing Rudy Garcia as the next boss. He will take over as a replacement for Luciano Spalletti left the team from exhaustion. After leading the Naples team to win the league championship. Napoli, last season’s Serie A champions, have announced

Why you shouldn't slow play in poker

Why you shouldn’t slow play in poker

The Purpose Of Playing Poker Is The Same: To Win And Win As Much Money As Possible. To Use A Variety Of Strategies But The Sole Goal Of Every Player Is To Win. One Of The Most Common Mistakes That Novice Poker Players Make Is